Morwenstow Society of Hand Bell Ringers

Morwenstow Society of Hand Bell Ringers (MSofHBR) was formed in 2015 when David Miles discovered he had a set of 12 hand bells in an unusable condition. The Society was formed and the hand bells were refurbished and a committee elected. The bells are now on a long-term loan from Dave and were refurbished with a grant from Morwenstow Renewable Energy Association.

The bells are made by C&G Mears Founders of London in 1853. They are a set of 12 with the tenor bell size 18 forming a diatonic set nominally in the key of G major.

We meet irregularly but try to practice and develop our skills on a monthly basis.

We have performed at Community Carols, the Bush Inn at Festival Week, at the Senior Citizens’ Party and at the Carol Service at Woodford Chapel.